Australian teen’s parking app a big hit

An Australian teenager’s iPhone app that helps users remember where they parked their car and lets them know when their parking time was running out has become a huge hit.

Brandon Cowan, 17, a student at Masada College in Sydney’s North Shore, developed the iParkedHere iPhone app with friend Hilton Rosenfeld.

He said the $2.49 app was the number 1 top-grossing app in the Lifestyle category on the iTunes app store.

“At the moment we are keeping the money in the company but I will probably be saving it for a house when I’m older,” Cowan was quoted as saying.

Brandon said that their company, Crazy Dog Apps, signed an agreement with a gaming firm to develop an app for it.

They have also made a basic prototype of an app to prepare shopping lists.

Brandon is now having second thoughts on attending university.

He said: “I’m not 100 per cent sure what I want to do after school but probably something to do with what I am doing now.” (IANS)