LG Electronics Nominated as ‘Best TV Brand’ in Australia for 6th Consecutive Years

LG Electronics nominated as 'Best TV Brand' in Australia for 6th consecutive years

SEOUL, Oct 12: LG Electronics announced that it has been selected as the best TV brand in Australia for the sixth consecutive year.

According to LG Electronics, it was selected as the best TV brand in a comprehensive evaluation of TV brands conducted by Australian consumer magazine ‘Choice.’ Choice selects the best TV brands every year by comprehensively evaluating various items such as TV performance, brand reliability surveyed thousands of customers, consumer satisfaction, and recommendation rate. As it considers all evaluation items not only product performance but also customer satisfaction, it is meaningful that LG has been selected as the best brand for six consecutive years.

LG Electronics ranked first in all categories, beating its strong TV brand competitors. The Reproverall score of LG was 87 points, far ahead of the second-place company with 78 points. The gap between LG and second-place company has more widened from 3 points last year.

LG TV products are also sweeping the top ranks in TV performance evaluation conducted by Choice’s evaluation team composed of experts. Including LG OLED TVs, which ranked first to fourth, all of the top eight TV products are LG Electronics’ products.