Spring Fashion Trends to Replicate in 2021

Spring Fashion Trends to replicate in 2021

The most awaited Spring Fashion Trends season of the year has arrived, and we are totally counting down the days when we can go out in our favourite dresses and outfits.

Florals are an obvious choice for spring and sometimes I go for punchy florals to make a statement. Before we zero down this year’s Spring Fashion Trends/Summer’21 Trends, here are my top picks of the season.

Here are my top 5 Spring/Summer ’21 Trends for you:

#Statement Sleeves: Add that extra drama to your dresses and sleeves to keep that Lockdown blues away.

It’s been quite some time; we have gone out and got dressed for fun and Spring give you all the reasons to do so. This year’s major trends for Spring are flamboyant and dramatic sleeves which makes the grazers attention shift from you to the outfit. Give those stares a worthwhile food for thought.

My favourite dramatic sleeves would be Bell, Ruffle Sleeves, Bishop Sleeves, Extra-Long Sleeves, Off-shoulder sleeves, one-shoulder dresses. There are various ways to add that glam factor to your everyday outfit.

Spring Fashion Trends to Replicate in 2021 2

#Frills, Ruffles and Flounces: It’s totally cool to flaunt these feminine trends this Spring. Add colours and texture to your simple outfit with a raffle skirt or a frill top.

Styling is always fun when you have some stunning pieces in your wardrobe that screams spring.

#Bold prints /Clashing Prints: Prints are fun to style, don’t refrain from styling up different prints from your closet. All those printed skirts, tops, and all the printed shirt, should slowly find a way out for this springtime.

I always love styling prints, as they make me look unique and I can always re-wear the same outfit differently every time as well. Isn’t it? If you’re petite, try styling or wearing small prints to look taller.

Pleated and frill skirts are a big yes to spring styling this year and make sure to add your own Styles statement accessories to them.

Spring Fashion Trends to Replicate in 2021 3

#Anything Silk: Silk scarfs, Shift dresses or silk accessories, anything silk you cab rock this spring.

Silk and satin may not instantly spring to mind. But that’s more reason to embrace that luxe and perhaps unexpected fabrications while the season’s still in full swing; they’re a welcome and sultry respite from the usual warm weather suspects.

#Denims: Denims are obvious, but when try styling your regular denims with some statement heels to add a pop of Spring colours.

I love styling my pair of denim and white Tee with a neon heel to add that extra glam to my everyday outfit. There are no dos and don’ts of styling, but denim is one piece of clothing that can be styled in so many ways. What’s your take on this?

While I am busy choosing my Freedom Day outfits from my closet, I would love to see what you choose to wear this time of the year.


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