Australia’s “runaway groom” jumps bail

MELOURNE: An Australian man who was allowed a weekend release from jail so that he could get married, is on the loose and poses a threat to the public, police said.

Murat Shomshe, 33, was approved bail after he told a Melbourne court that he would lose a $4,400 deposit if he does not get bail as he had already paid that money for his wedding, but, just two days after the ceremony, ran away from his bride.

Shomshe has been on the run for a week and according to Victoria police on Monday, poses a significant threat to the public as he has a history of violence and extensive links to bikie gangs.

He was offered bail but was ordered to face the county court two days later so he could be taken back into custody.

Instead, police believe he ran away while his bride was getting ready for that court appearance.

Ron Iddles, head of the police association told Melbourne radio station 3AW that the decision has not only put the public at risk, but members of the police force as well.

Meanwhile Victoria’s premier Daniel Andrews said the case of the “runaway groom” was an error and “reminds us how important” a bail review is.

“He’s got a bit of a history of offences involving violent assaults, and he’s had previous access to firearms,” Victoria police chief commissioner Graham Ashton said.

At the time of bail being approved, county court judge Richard Maidment said the special “conditions” surrounding Shomshe’s application played a part in the approval of bail.

“I think I’d be inclined on conditions to grant him bail over the weekend, but expect him to surrender into custody again on Monday morning,” he said at that time.

Police are still hunting for the man, who is thought to be hiding in Melbourne’s northern suburbs.(IANS)