Blemished Education System where do we go from here?

New Delhi: The recent cut-off has caused tsunami in the nation with a massive reaction coming from all sides. Twitter is flooded with words like ‘aghast’, ‘jitters’ and many scary words which talk volumes about the unfair cut-off. In fact many heaved a sigh of relief having graduated’ before the mad scramble for marks began’. Some even said that DU is expecting superhuman feats from mortals. Some even wonder how geniuses like Newton and Einstein from yesteryears would have fared today in this era of cut-throat competition.
The recent sky high cut-off has send jitters to students and parents alike. It questions the loopholes in the present education system in India. On one hand we boast of premier institutions like SRCC, IIM, IIT and many others but on the other hand we hardly have quality education that trains students for these places. Students who have been slogging are left in a daze by such insane cut-off.
The question is how many students may have scored a 100 per cent. What about those who scored something like 99, 97, 95 per cent? Aren’t such cut offs demotivating those scoring in the range of 90s? The very fact that they are not eligible for admission in prestigious institutions debars them from the right to a quality education.
SRCC’s principal Mr. P.C. Jain explains cut-off as screening process not to discourage students. His point is that there should be some criteria to reject. If countries premier colleges select the best, why can’t SRCC. Since the college has limited seats, it needs the best. With such arguments the question arises- Is quality education a process of selection or rejection? If this is an attempt to prevent non-commerce students from entering B.Com courses, then find out what compels the science students to change subjects? Or instead of introducing frantic cut-off why not increase the no of seats?
This may lead to compartmentalisation of students on the basis of scores, ending up students in depression. Parents equally suffer by this. Why would colleges only decide who is the best? Best college, best school, how far can we stretch this definition of ‘Best’? To succeed in life do we need a so called best school only but individual talent and ability should be also counted. If’Best’is the pre-requisite then people coming from ‘not best ‘places may have not reached to a promising career.
Though the cut off is unfair on students, it is not the colleges who are to be blamed. Instead blame the flawed education system and its inability to create capacity to absorb top class. We are so obsessed with the idea of the ‘Creamy layer ‘that we only train students for that rather than providing resourceful education. The HRD ministry may call it as ‘unfortunate’ and ‘irrational’ but hardly introduces measures to improve it.
Passing the buck to each other may sound easy for many, but are there issues brought into picture by stormy cut offs need immediate attention. A revamp of education system is the need of the hour. Education system should aim at producing quality and resourceful man force. The nation is not only about the best. Education system should be progressive rather than limiting students. It should reach out to everyone uniformly.
We as a nation have a lot to answer and think about. We talk of huge progress in every field, but do not have sufficient evidences to justify it considering the defective education system. By Sandeepa Koul