Britain to introduce two-year university courses

London: Two-year accelerated degree courses are to be introduced at British universities, Universities Minister Sam Gyimah announced on Sunday.

The move will mean hundreds of thousands of prospective students being handed more choice than ever before over what they can study at university with the expansion of two-year degrees, Gyimah said, reports Xinhua news agency.

He added the move will help students fast-track their way into the workforce.

It follows a consultation on the proposal to roll out shorter university courses, also known as accelerated degrees, creating an unprecedented level of choice and flexibility for people wanting to study in higher education, particularly mature students.

It will enable students to graduate one year faster compared to standard degrees, and will come as a welcome boost for businesses who will be able to access talented graduates a year earlier, particularly in accountancy, financial management and law.

The new fee limits which will be published Monday will need to be approved by the British parliament.