British parents’ biggest worry is child’s education cost

London: Parents in Britain are more worried about the rising cost of their children’s education than the dangers of their getting affected by drugs and teenage pregnancy, says a study.

Four out of 10 parents stated their main concern was for their child’s financial future, as they worry about tuition fees and the pressure of student debt.

Conducted over 700 parents by the London College of Accountancy, the research showed only 27 percent of the parent’s rate drugs as their number one concern for their children.

Teenage pregnancy and bullying polled 12 percent and seven percent respectively. And only five percent of those questioned admitted they worried about their teenagers’ safety on internet.

Steve Lumby, the research head, says: “It comes as no surprise that rising higher education costs are causing parents major concern.”

“The increasingly competitive job market means degrees are becoming more essential for career success, but the prospect of 9,000 pounds fees and additional debt incurred through living expenses are a major worry for both parents and students.” (IANS)