Bushfire in the Blue Mountains

Fire-fighters are battling a deadly bushfire in the Blue Mountains, west of Sydney. The fire is believed to have been deliberately lit and the police have announced a crackdown on the arsonists.

The blaze flared up on Monday afternoon and has burnt through seven hectares.

“Crews are monitoring the fire and providing property protection,” a spokesman for fire and rescue NSW said today. “The temperatures up here have got much cooler and the winds have dropped so things are looking a bit better.”

Police are investigating if arsonists were behind the blaze and have reactivated Strike Force Tronto to target arson crime across the state.

“Anyone found to be involved in the deliberate lighting of bushfires will be dealt with under the full force of the law,” Detective Superintendent. Greig Newbery, said today.

Police are urging the public to ‘be vigilant’ and contact police if they are aware of a fire or if they notice any suspicious behaviour in their area.