“Employment is growing in Australia”

According to Prime Minister Julia Gillard, employment is growing due to expansion in the mining and construction sectors.

Ms Gillard said the country’s strong terms of trade continued to help the economy, which had emerged strongly from the global financial crisis. However, she said there were pressures in industries such as tourism and manufacturing, mainly due to a strong Australian dollar.

The Prime Minister spoke while opening the jobs forum in Canberra today.

“We’ve got employment growing and we’ve grown by 5 per cent since the days of the global financial crisis,” she spoke at Parliament House.

Yet, there was softness in the retail sector, as consumers substituted services for goods and on-going concerns about the tourism industry.

Due to floods and the strong Australian dollar, the tourism sector had been struggling this year.

“In some parts of our tourism sector, they continue to see vacancy rates in the order of 9 per cent and find it difficult to get the workforce they need,” Ms Gillard said.

Ms Gillard also said there was a need to develop a deep and shared understanding of current trends and future opportunities in the Australian economy.

“That we will develop a shared and deep understanding of the vision we have for the future of individual sectors of the economy,” she said.

“During this phase of economic transformation we want to make sure that we retain diversity in our economy we will need today and we will, certainly, need tomorrow, in the days that lie beyond the resources boom, however far away those days are.”