‘Invoice Money’ the name says it all

Invoice Money is an expert in small business cash flow finance and one of the few specialist Invoice in the Australian invoice finance market. Invoice Finance is all we do, and we think we do it best. We’ve funded many millions worth of invoices.

Founded in 2011, our management team brings 50+ years of Invoice Finance experience that you can confidentially rely upon to create bespoke solutions for you. We’re not the largest invoice financing company in the country and we’re happy with that. Every person in our team knows each and every one of our clients and understand their individual business needs. You will never be “just another number” at Invoice Money.

Running a business is both exciting and challenging. For most businesses, one of the biggest challenges is maintaining a smooth cash flow. Waiting for invoices to be paid is not only stressful, but it can be a real obstacle to progress for your business.

Invoice Finance has 3 Easy Steps:
Step 1.
You complete a job, invoice your client and send us a copy.

Step 2.
We check the invoice and advance up to 90% of the invoice value (inc. GST) within 24 hours.

Step 3.
Your customer pays the invoice to us as per trading terms and we return the balance to you less our fees.

So, Invoice Finance allows you to convert your outstanding invoices into cash today. Imagine having 90% of what you are currently owed in your bank account as cash tomorrow. Imagine paying your wages, suppliers and taxes with no stress. At Invoice Money we bring you fast, easy and helpful cash solutions tailored for your business.

An Invoice Finance Facility grows as your sales grow. The more you sell, the greater the access to cash you have available. It’s a positive upward cycle. It gives you a cashflow boost exactly when you need it. Businesses that thrive using Invoice Finance include: Transport, Labour Hire, Wholesalers, Manufacturers and Security.

We have a simple application process with a very experienced team that allows us to make quick decisions. So if you’re looking for a small business loan that will give your business fast cash then let us introduce you to our services and explain what they are and how they work for you.

Jess Kaur

Contact Jess, one of our friendly cash flow experts today to discuss which solutions suits you best.

Jess Kaur grew up in New Delhi, India to a Punjabi Family and came to Australia in 2014 to study accountancy in Charles Sturt University. Delivering rapid and sustainable client satisfaction is her true passion. She specialises in Banking and Finance products, Invoice Financing and committed to building trusted partnerships with her clients.

For more information, contact Jess Kaur on:
T: (03) 8813 0532
E: [email protected]