Obama adviser to speak at Australian jobs summit

An adviser to the US President Barrack Obama on manufacturing is likely to address Julia Gillard’s jobs summit.

The adviser, whose expertise was sought by Ms Gillard, is an Australian born businessman.

Prime Minister Julia Gillard announced that Andrew Liveris, the Dow Chemical Company Chief Executive, who is co-chair of President Obama’s Advanced Manufacturing Partnership, will be the international keynote speaker at the jobs summit on Thursday.

“Mr Liveris has a wealth of business and manufacturing experience and will provide a unique insight into the global trends affecting the Australian economy and how these trends are being addressed in the US,” she said in a statement.

Mr Liveris will participate in the forum via videolink from Michigan. Around 100 people are due to participate in the Future Jobs Forum in Canberra.

PM Julia Gillard, Treasurer Wayne Swan and Minister for Workplace Relations Chris Evans are listed to address the summit along with chief executives and business academics.

Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU) president Ged Kearney and the Australian Workers Union (AWU) national secretary Paul Howes are slated to be involved in panel discussions. The conference will include discussions on drivers of jobs growth, the Australian economy in a changing world, manufacturing in the next decade and clean energy jobs. The CSIRO chief executive Dr Megan Clark will give a presentation about innovation in generating jobs.

Workplace relations minister Chris Evans said that although other countries were envious of Australia’s employment figures there was room for improvement.