Council Elections: Ready or not, here it comes!

Indian Australian community candidates jump into the election ring in high numbers more than any council election, the result could be victory or defeat, but they are giving a good fight!

Council elections are around the corner, this year it will be on Saturday, 24 October 2020 and postal votes will be used. Unlike the previous years, this will be the first-time postal voting will be used across all Victorian councils.

Indian Australians are successful in business, work, arts, education and almost every fabric of our society but when it comes to political success it is still a distant dream. Slowly we are making progress and it is very essential we are actively engaged in politics for the better future of our community. Don’t wait for someone to give you a platform, go create it this should be the mantra and this is what exactly many of our community members are doing by putting up their hands bravely for the upcoming council elections. Ideally, it would have been good to have them work together, due to various factors it may be hard, so we have to consider the best in front of us. Benjamin Franklin famously said, “There are no gains, without pains”, as a candidate you may have to go through a lot of struggle, attacks, intimidation, or pressure but be rest assured it will be a learning experience like never before, so enjoy your electoral journey and make sure you be the same person after the elections, as you were before the elections. The community is watching, and it needs you to work together even with your opponent for a better future.

How to vote? Voting in local council elections in Victoria this October will be by post. If you are on the voters’ roll, you will receive the ballot packs by mail between 6 October and 8 October 2020. Make sure you follow the instructions on the ballot pack and return your completed vote before 6 pm on Friday 23 October for your vote to count. The ballot pack will contain: 1) a ballot paper attached to statements and photographs lodged by the candidates in your council or ward; 2) a ballot paper envelope with a flap; 3) voting instructions; 4) a reply-paid envelope. (Source:

1. Donkey Vote – Yes this is a real voting pattern. A “Donkey Vote” occurs when a voter simply numbers the ballot paper from top to bottom or bottom to top without regard to the logic of selecting candidates based on their merits. Donkey votes rob us from getting good councillors and we may end up with some bad ones for four years, just because we couldn’t spare few extra minutes to vote for the right candidate.

2. Monkey Vote – I coined this term but this is an actual method many voters use to fill the ballot paper. Pick a box somewhere you like in the ballot paper and start marking numbers by jumping box to box randomly. You don’t need to think hard to realise how wrong this method is, it may help the wrong candidates to become councillors and we have four years to regret our four minutes mistake.

3. Community Vote – Vote for the candidate, in the order who you think has been working consistently for our community or those who have a clear and proper actionable vision or who you think is genuine and will put community first above anything. This way you are selecting the right candidate to represent us in the council, that is why it is a community vote.

Make sure your vote counts – If a ballot paper is not completed correctly, it’s called an informal vote. An informal vote does not contribute to the election result. You should mark a number in all the boxes next to each candidate in the ballot paper and make sure you do not repeat the same number twice and leave any box blank. Please double check your ballot paper once completed and then post it through the envelope provided. Each vote determines the result and electing the right councilor is paramount to the development of your local area. There is a general impression that Council is only about 3R’s that are “Roads, Rates & Rubbish “but councils had long gone past the 3R’s. Generally, in council there is no safe or marginal ward, all wards are equally important, and all the councilors are essential for any developments, programs and services affecting or benefiting the community. So please make sure your vote counts in electing the right councillors. Happy Voting!

Indian Australian candidates who have raised their hand to fight upcoming council elections, like most other candidates are finding hard to get their message across to the community. Covid19 has taken away the traditional way of an election campaign, this impacts the new comers heavily compared to the incumbents. G’Day India wants to give a small platform for them in reaching out to the community, we are sharing the stories of the candidates who have knocked our door. We wish them the very best and hope they receive a fair chance. If you are a candidate and have missed out sending your profile, please send us we can add yours in our online publishing.

PRABHAKAR, Rishi – Ward: Chaffey | Council: Wyndham

My family and I have been residents of Wyndham community for over a decade. I am a qualified accountant and a mortgage broker operating my small business in Tarneit. As a passionate advocate for Wyndham, I am involved with the community as a grassroots volunteering through various organisations. I am blessed to be able to give back to the Wyndham community in diverse roles with some great community organisations like Tarneit Neighbourhood Watch, Werribee Hospital Foundation, Sri Durga Temple, co-founder of International Students Support Helpline to name a few.

Working in the community sphere as a volunteer and advocate have also enabled me to understand the issues affecting our community in daily life. As a person with high integrity, I always take accountability of my actions. I respect and appreciate divergent views. My initiatives and contributions have been accepted and recognised across various sections of our community.

My candidature has been authorised by Marie Brittan, former deputy mayor of Wyndham as a reflection of my work within the community. My policies and priorities for Wyndham will focus on improved transport infrastructure, local jobs and small business support, safety, ensuring services meet the needs of residents – maternal child and health care, kindergartens, youth facilities, libraries and community centres and support for the aged and those with disabilities. Inclusive sporting, open spaces and recreational facilities, upskilling programs for youth empowerment, and no to any toxic soil and supporting a greener Wyndham.

My voice and advocacy have always been for the Wyndham community. I seek your support in my bid to be your councillor, and together we can build a Better Wyndham. It would be my honour to represent you. Vote 1 Rishi Prabhakar. To ensure your vote counts, number every square on your ballot paper and post by 23 October.

SINGH, Preet – Ward: Chaffey | Council: Wyndham

I seek to bring Liberal values with a local focus into the Wyndham Council. As a long-standing Liberal Party member, I present myself to you with a clear set of values which will govern the decisions I make should I be elected to the Council. My wife Ritu and I chose Wyndham as our home ten years ago. We saw the potential of this community as a place to raise a family. Today my two daughters are benefitting from the decision we made all those years ago.

I am a Team Manager at a bank and hold a Master’s Degree in Accounting. As a Team Manager I work by communicating key goals and giving direction of how to reach our targets. My skills in analysis of financial documents will be a great asset for working for you in our Council as I ensure the Council is getting value for your rates money. In the community I have volunteered my time to: Berry St, Smith Family, Foodbank, Khalsa Aid, World Vision, Brotherhood of St Laurence, RSPCA and assisted efforts of the local Sikh Temple during our recent bush fires. Most recently we raised $25k for a Tarneit family in dire need. I will work for you within the Council focusing on improvements to safety around schools and kindergartens, ensuring developers deliver on their promises to residents, better management of traffic, rates rebates for unused tip vouchers and hard rubbish pickups, environmental conservation, fast track critical infrastructure, improve measures to combat illegal dumping of rubbish and supporting business in the recovery following the COVID19 shutdown.

I bring with me the determination which has delivered results in my professional roles and the compassion my community and family life have enriched me with. I seek your vote so I can work for you.

THAKKAR, Kapil – Ward: Chaffey | Council: Wyndham

I am proud to call Tarneit home and have lived here with my wife and young daughter for almost a decade. Our community is growing, and we need to build new infrastructure on time to keep pace with demand. We must also fix our local roads to reduce traffic congestion and ensure police and local community safety programs are properly funded, to keep this area safe for our children. I want a safer, cleaner and more livable community for our families, and that is why I am standing for election to Wyndham City Council. I will be a strong advocate for our area on Council, and my extensive experience in community work demonstrates this. I believe in giving back and supporting the community, values which I have inherited and am actively involved and also volunteer with various organisations. I have also passionately led local campaigns for improvements to local roads, parking facilities, traffic signals, indoor swimming pool, buy local and save jobs.

If elected, I will work hard to represent you on Wyndham City Council. I will listen to your thoughts on how to make our community a better place to live, and I will make sure your voice is heard. I hope I can count on your support.

My Current Community & Volunteer Roles: I have been working hard for our community for many years and actively volunteer with various organisations and have led many successful community engagement projects and activities. AFL Community Ambassador – AFL Victoria; Founder – Stay Well, Community Consumer Advisor – Werribee Mercy Hospital; Multicultural Ambassador – Mental Health Foundation Australia; Committee Member – Regional Advisory Council, VMC; Founder – Jobs Place Australia Facebook Platform; Committee Member – Central District Advisory Committee, Wyndham Council; Vice President – FEA Committee, Lalor, ALP; Buy Local Support Local – Wyndham, created during the pandemic to support and promote local businesses and save local jobs.

Achievements: I was awarded Meritorious Service Award for my community work by Victoria Government – 2019; Local Hero of Lalor – Awarded by Joanne Ryan Federal MP – 2018; AFL Community Ambassador of the year awarded by AFL Vic. – 2018; Also was nominated for “Australian of the Year in 2019”

I welcome you to visit my website for more details on my community engagement projects, advocacy activities and my plans for our Wyndham. Let us Work together for better Wyndham.

LAKRA, Bobby – Ward: Harrison | Council: Wyndham

It’s time for a change. Many in our community are under financial stress due to the COVID 19 lockdown. Strong community leadership with a vision for the future and an action plan is needed now to plan a road to recovery. Our community needs and aspirations are my primary focus. My action plan will: Invigorate our local economy to bring back business investment and jobs by cutting red tape and establishing priority business zones; Fix the roads and footpaths; Advocate for better public transport; Defend neighbourhood character and oppose inappropriate development; Strengthen for mental health and maternal child health support for families; Improve funding for our libraries; Increase sport and recreation infrastructure for youth and women; Improve public safety by increasing lighting in parks and CCTV in high crime areas; have more places to play with your pets in our parks and green spaces; Protect our environment by improving waste diversion from landfill. I am a true local who has lived in Point Cook and served in community organisations for over ten years.

I will be a strong voice and a Councillor who listens and supports our multicultural community. I stand up for what is right and put our community first. Vote 1 Bobby Lakra for a Councillor with a clear action plan, who acts with integrity and a strong local community focus. Let’s WIN together for our Wyndham.

RAMESH, Sahana – Ward: Harrison | Council: Wyndham

Being a quality councillor requires a well-rounded individual. Strong community engagement applied alongside solid business acumen, combined with the creativity and insights required to visualise what this great city could look like and should look like into the future.

Having migrated from India at a young age, Sahana initially chose to put her community spirit towards helping those in need back in her birth town. Some of her greater achievements included volunteering to teach at a school that had no teacher on hand, creating a waste management system where it was lacking and working with the local community to inspire a culture that does not condone littering.

More recently her attention has been on forming her foundation of business acumen, having studied for an MBA at Melbourne University, and going on to co-found her own company in the renewables and sustainability industry. She has spent time living for short stints in Europe, Asia and America, working on business and government relationship management for large multinational corporations, and working to inspire investments into the renewables industry.

At heart, Sahana is a creative, exciting spirit, with a passion for culture, fashion and culinary arts as expressions of culture. Alongside her dogged determination, if she is set onto an objective she believes in, she can and will find every creative avenue to ensure it is done quickly and efficiently. When asked what her primary objective was in running for councillor, Sahana replied “At the end of the day I only have the community interest at heart. We need strong leaders that know how to run what is a $4 billion public organisation and can balance the influence of large companies that only have their bottom-line profitability in mind. There are only a handful of candidates that I would trust to represent my interests properly and diligently. My hope is that the people of Wyndham can see this as well, and that I will get to serve you all alongside these high calibre individuals.”

PRAJAPATI, Monty – Ward: Harrison | Council: Wyndham

With immeasurable pleasure, I would like to inform you I am contesting this upcoming council election from Harrison Ward, Wyndham. Wyndham has been home for my family and me since 2013. Being a grass-root community worker, I know what the greatest needs of the community are in Wyndham. I have been an active member of the Wyndham community for several years. I have gained experience and knowledge of our community by interacting with many community members in Wyndham over many years. They believe in my ability to deliver real results for the community people. I have held many volunteer roles and I have worked extremely hard to deliver many community projects for all ages.

Community initiatives like blood donation drives, youth education, immigration aid, food distribution and mental health support are some of the many projects I have led to help the community. I organise some of the multicultural events on an annual basis where hundreds of people of all ages and all background participate peacefully. The events are inclusive and open to all community members from Wyndham. I have been successfully running my business in Wyndham for many years. Being a businessman myself in Wyndham, I get to speak to many Wyndham members, and as a result, I understand the needs and challenges of running small businesses. Once I am elected, I plan to focus on creating jobs and the recovery of businesses will be my priority due to COVID-19 pandemic. Wyndham community has given me a lot of love and support over the years. Now it is time for me to return this favour to the Wyndham community. I believe it is now the time for Wyndham to shine! It is now the time for our community to realise its true potential. Hence, it is time for a councillor who can understand the community needs and deliver for the community.

Being a dad, I am aware of the need and the importance of good schools, sporting facilities, recreational facilities, parks, libraries and transport in Wyndham. My passion is to create a safe, secure and sustainable future for Wyndham. I will always strive to be an advocate for such future and infrastructure in Wyndham. I am committed for Wyndham and I seek your support. I will be YOUR VOICE FOR HARRISON WARD, so please Vote 1 Monty Prajapati – for BETTER COMMUNITY, BETTER BUSINESS and BETTER WYNDHAM.
Email – [email protected]

VERMA, Gary – Ward: Cambridge | Council: Melton

Our community needs a local community voice who will listen and act on fresh ideas. I am committed to keeping rates low and advocate in reforming how rates are calculated to stop unfair increases. If elected I will strongly advocate simplifying the process of obtaining a building and planning permit, while ensuring development is in line with sustainability; improve car parking, more public transport within the local area; advocate and stand for 24/7 Police station at Caroline springs and more police patrols and I will set up taskforce for community safety; recommend double hard rubbish collection; improve aged care and disability services; I will stand against any tip expansion and dumping of toxic soil within our municipality and will fight for community interests within council and with the state government. I will stand for more local business and local jobs and for more relief to families impacted by COVID. I will push for funding of recreational and sporting facilities. I will ensure that local parks are maintained to a high standard. I will always put residents first. I am involved in many social projects tackling homelessness, food for needy programs and helping victims of family violence through various local charity organisations as a Volunteer. I have been part of Melton city councils intercultural advisory committee, VMCs regional advisory committee and President of Melton Interfaith network where I have raised many local social issues and promoted social cohesion and harmony.
I am passionate about our local community so let’s make Melton City a better place to live, work, do business and raise a family. Your trust in me will ensure we have strong, proactive and responsive leadership. New vision, new direction for better Melton City.
Vote 1 Gary Verma.

PARIKH, Brijal – Ward: Central | Council: Cardinia Shire

It’s time for a change to get council Back to Basics and seek value for our Rates. I, Brijal Parikh a family person with Project management experience, volunteer and strong voice for our community, has taken the challenge to make a difference by running for 2020 Council elections. Our family has been residing in Cardinia shire for 11 years. I have volunteered with several organisations including CFA, Lakeside Residents Group, Yakkerboo, Football, Cricket clubs, L2P, Cancer Council and multicultural organisations. I always stand by my core values of respect, compassion, kindness, integrity and innovation.

I strongly believe that these values keep our communities together. With my passion and dedication towards our community my vision is to provide strong leadership and guidance to the community. Take responsible actions to address local issues and represent the interests of electors, ratepayers, and residents. Shaping the future of the Shire in consultation with the community and focusing on consultative decisions and affairs will remain my objective. Be a strong advocate and communicator between the community and the council. Reduce unwanted expenses and red tape for a low and fair rate.

I will ensure that the Council is accountable and transparent with the use of ratepayers’ money. Be responsible for the governance of allocated budget & resources for infrastructure projects, wellbeing, financial planning and other activities. Through collaboration & coordination with residents/authorities, I will ensure to rejuvenate community safety and your surroundings. Be champion in facilitating social cohesion, support cross-cultural activities to continue enriching our vibrant Shire.

I have been instrumental in leading and facilitating initiatives towards the maintenance of Shires community spaces and surroundings when this has been ignored and have been successful in dealing with the council bureaucrats with achieving goals. I assure you that your vote to me will justify my selection as your Councillor.
Sincere thanks, Brijal Parikh.

CHHABRA, Sumeet Singh – Ward: Sparks | Council: Whitehorse

My name is Sumeet Singh Chhabra, I seek your support to be elected as your Councillor for Sparks Ward, City of Whitehorse, in the October postal elections. In 2020, we are facing challenging times and I hope you and your loved ones are safe and well. As we strive to come out of our darkest days in recent history, we still face uncertain times ahead and I aim to be your voice in the council. I live locally and have extensive community interest supporting charity and goodwill.
Our council landscape of Sparks Ward has a great mix of residential, commercial and recreation pockets. I would work hard to maintain a balance in vibrancy and growth. My goal is to rejuvenate local jobs and encourage sustainable growth. Going forward we need to ensure a balanced growth opposed to a rampant growth in favour of the property developers. We need to ensure our green areas are safe and user friendly for individuals and families. Our collectively fair go interest in well-being of daily living is also important along with upgrading the development of youth and elderly essential care services.
I will strive to provide support to small and medium-sized businesses as per the needs working towards an upward trend in our local economy. I am passionate to work in Sparks Ward and would encourage multiculturalism and a fair go for all. My background in Construction, Hospitality and ten years of retail experience working in Officeworks, will prove to be an asset to the community. As a Councillor, I can assure you I will be approachable for your concerns and suggestions. We will work together constructively towards better services to all. Your support in your vote will assist me in making Sparks Ward an advance, modern and inclusive Ward for others to follow.

ALURKAR, Deepti – Ward: Watts | Council: Melton

As a local resident, many of you may know me as a small business owner, local community advocate through my engagement with residents and local businesses. As a mother of two school aged girls, safety and well-being of our community matter most to me. I have listened to local residents and understand what we need, to build a better community. As your Councillor, I will fight to establish a Covid-19 economic recovery plan in order to boost local employment and help struggling businesses.

As a small business owner, myself, I will continue to promote and support local business and develop initiatives that will increase growth and sustainability. I will fight to improve our local parks, landscape, plant more trees and beautify our area. I will fight for more police and security cameras for our suburbs. I will promote community inclusiveness by fighting to fund services for disadvantaged families and our ageing population, including in-home support and social activities. I will fight to deliver more services for our youth and invest in prevention programs on drug abuse, bullying and advocate for a shelter for victims of family violence.

As a community advocate for the past six years, I have raised funds for Beyond Blue, The Cancer Council and organised supplies for victims of the bushfires. Recently, I provided assistance and meals to local families in need during the Covid-19 pandemic. As a former board member of Melton City Council’s Intercultural Board, I will bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to our area. A vote for me is a vote for accountability and transparency. I will fight for a fair distribution of funds to our ward and ensure that our local community are always put first.
Vote 1 Deepti Alurkar.

GADANI, Nildhara – Ward: Mahoneys | Council: Whitehorse

I am excited to put my hand up to run in the election. I have called Vermont home for almost a decade now with my husband and our two sons, we love it here. Our local schools are excellent. My sons currently attend Vermont Primary School and Vermont Secondary College. We have a warm and welcoming community I am an active member of the Vermont South Community House, the Lions Club of Vermont South, coach the girl’s squad at Vermont Cricket Club.

I believe there is work to be done to make our community even more beautiful, safe, and prosperous. Therefore, I am running to be your local representative on Council. I have extensive experience across a range of community activities, giving me the skills needed to be an effective member of Council. I am a qualified Early Childhood Educator, and I operate two local small businesses. I have served as a Committee Member of the Whitehorse Business Group. I recently worked with the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS), as part of their COVID-19 Community Engagement Team. I will advocate to maintain and enhance the character of the suburbs through curtailing inappropriate development.

As an active member of our local community, I will identify infrastructure and projects that are sorely needed in our local area, as a ratepayer, I will ensure these are financially responsible projects. Parent of young children, I will fight to maximise the use of green spaces for recreational needs of children and families. I will be a strong advocate for more jobs, better infrastructure for public transport, safety of pedestrians, good safe cycling routes of all ages and abilities. It would be a great honour and privilege to serve as your Councillor. Support more women for Local Government Vote 1 Nildhara Gadani 0401 539 954. Many Communities 1 voice.

KUMAR, Praveen – Ward: North-West | Council: Moreland

My name is Praveen Kumar and I am a Labor endorsed candidate in Moreland’s North West ward. I migrated to Australia as an international student and I have been proud to call Moreland home for nearly two decades. I currently live in Glenroy with my wife and three children and for the past ten years have run a small local business. Moreland has been a great place to live and raise my children – but we can make it even better. We need councillors with real-life experience who understand the concerns of residents and prioritise their needs in every decision.

As your councillor, I will promote a local economic recovery that assists small businesses through new grants, local jobs programs and support to adopt COVID-safe measures. I will advocate for the services that your family rely on. Now more than ever, we need more funding for local childcare, maternal health services, and quality aged care. I will oppose unfair parking changes that would impose two-hour parking restrictions in residential areas and limit access to permits for families, whilst encouraging sustainable development that meets the needs of our community. I will support safety and security through improved lighting and CCTV where required and implement localised programs to curb family violence.

Importantly, I will vote against unfair increases to rates and support relief for those doing it tough. As I speak to residents, and through my involvement in a number of local community and sporting groups, it is clear to me that our community want a council focused solely on their needs. As a father, small business owner and member of our community, I will be ready to stand up for you and your family from day one. With your vote, we can get council working for you again.

DHANOA, Nav Singh – Ward: Officer | Council: Cardinia Shire

My name is Nav Singh Dhanoa and I am declaring myself as a candidate from the Officer Ward of Cardinia Shire Council wherein I want to be ‘Your Voice for Your Well-Being’. My family and I are proud residents of Pakenham in Cardinia Shire Council since 2011. With training in management; career as an entrepreneur; and experience of serving the people of Cardinia Shire, my profile has developed in leadership, team management and agility skills.

I have been working closely with the local community in various roles for the last five years. In my capacity as a valuable volunteer, I was the recipient of the 2019 Victorian Premier’s Volunteer Champions Awards, as an active member of Siri Guru Nanak Darbar Officer. As a fellow Australian, I am driven to serve the community, well versed with Australian values, approachable, prompt with communications and technology.
My vision (not in any particular order):
• Reviving local economy Post-Covid pandemic.
• Smooth transitioning from Social distancing to Social connections.
• Fair property rates with no increase for next 2 years.
• Furthering development of greener and recreational spaces.
• Better preparedness for pandemics, bushfires, Climate change.
• Social cohesion.
• Better infrastructure and more parking spaces at Officer Station.
• Better public transport between Officer and Cardinia Road Station.
• More funding for local construction projects to create more jobs.
• Well-being of our Senior citizens.
• Enhancing transparency and efficiency in Council’s operations.
• Better networking with local councils, state, and federal governments.
• Fund raising.
• Better waste and environmental management of our resources.
• Encourage empowerment of women and address domestic violence issues in our community.

SUROPADA, Jasbir Singh – Ward: Henty | Council: Cardinia Shire

Spending 25 years, of my life, as a community worker and an active member of the Cardinia Together We Can steering committee, has been both, an emotionally rewarding and a life changing experience. Most recently, I have been awarded the inaugural Tony Fitzgerald Award and my contributions have featured in media, including both Star News and Gazette Paper.

Working with individual families, communities and businesses on the ground, in Victoria in general and Henty in particular, has further enhanced my awareness and strengthened my understanding of the achievements, the changing challenges and concerns and needs of the community.

In the context of the above, speaking professionally, I have, for the past six years, in working with the parents within Cardinia Shire, gained a greater insight into their socio-economic struggles and needs.
If elected, I will vote for:
1) Council Rate Rebates
2) Getting the local economy back on track Post-COVID pandemic, including developing new skills and creating new jobs
3) Crime-free neighbourhoods and Community Safety
4) More comprehensive and adequately resourced Community Outreach Programs, which will focus on the spheres of Mental Health, Family Violence and Crisis Services.
5) Playgrounds with more Exercising Areas and Play equipment, to serve the needs of Children, Youth, Disabled and Elderly-friendly.
6) More Program and strategies to counter the impacts of Social isolation and loneliness which affect our Elderly community members.
7) Local information board to promote local businesses and professional services
8) Better roads, parking facilities and train station infrastructure Leveraging on the above, I will be able to use the skills and experiences which I have gained in my volunteer work and community service, hereafter in my Council Position when elected.
The time has come to put HENTY RESIDENTS FIRST and OUST political plays and agendas.

VISA, Moti – Council: Melbourne City | Group: BACK TO BUSINESS

I am an Indian Origin Mechanical Engineer, who migrated from Nairobi (Kenya) in 1983 to Melbourne and since then has been living in Melbourne. I have worked as Quality Control Engineer, Project Engineer, Asst. Production Manager etc. in Melbourne since 1983 in various manufacturing industries and Journalist.

I am currently the Director of ATMC Group of Companies and I am running my own business. I can speak English, Hindi, Sindhi, Gujarati and Punjabi fluently.
– Award of Excellence from the Victorian Parliamentary Friends of India for Meritorious Services towards Indian Community.
– Certificate of Appreciation to my magazine Beyond INDIA Monthly, from Crime Stoppers for an outstanding contribution in 2009 and 2010.
– Life Time Achievement Award from Indian Society of Australia.
– Media Award from Hindu Foundation.
– Recognised by Sindhi Association for the service provided as longest serving President (For 7 Years).
– Due to community work I have been appointed as “JUSTICE OF THE PEACE” (JP) by Governor in Council on the recommendations of Attorney General of Victoria.

In Kenya, I organised a lot of Multicultural functions with different nationalities from Asia, Africa and Europe. Created homely working atmosphere. Started the slogan of “Service with Smile” and served all the communities who came there as new expatriates in mentoring. In Australia since I am embedded with the virtue of ‘Helping Others” and burning desire of Community Work hence I believe in “United You Stand, Divided You Fall”. In 1990 I initiated the formation of Sindhi Association to bring the Sindhi Community together and maintain the very rich culture / Civilisation of Indus Valley. Then got involved with Gujarati Association and organised Diwali (Festival of Lights) in 1993. At this time I observed that many Indian Associations were celebrating Diwali separately which was not coinciding with my thought process and slogan of UNITY so I thought that at least we should have one function which can be celebrated by all the Indian Associations together. Hence started Holi Mela (Festival of Colors) at Shiva Vishnu Temple, Carrum Downs in 1994. It was blessed by Mr. Phil Honeywood (Education Minister then) who attended on behalf of then Premier Jeff Kenneth. Since then Holi Mela has grown and celebrated every year. Similarly I started “Diwali Mela”(Festival of Lights) at the same venue. Above concept was picked up by others in Victoria, NSW and Queensland and other States. Now many Melas (Fairs) and programs are being done together.
HELP TO INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS: I am always ready to help the new arrivals in Melbourne and become their mentor. I have helped Indian Communities as and when needed. In case of fatal accidents, untimely death of students due to fire or accidents I organised funerals, coordinated with police and Coroner and parents of these students. In 2009 and 2010 there were a lot of incidences of attacks on Indian students so I started providing free service to students who work late nights and do not have their own transport by picking them up and dropping them at their homes. I applied the same formula of “Service With Smile” at no cost to them. I also advertised regarding my free service every month in the Indian Newspaper for those difficult periods for International students. Reported positively and factual regarding students problems in Beyond INDIA Monthly as well as to Indian Media in India as and when called by Indian Media from India. I can attract Votes from Indian, Nepalese, African and Australia communities being Liberal. (Moti Visa JP,
Email: [email protected]).

Melbourne City Council:
Voting is compulsory in Melbourne City Council elections if you are a State-enrolled voter or a council-enrolled voter. In Melbourne City Council elections, you elect; the Lord Mayor and Deputy Lord Mayor (also known as the leadership team) nine councillors.
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