COVID-19 Fifth Consignment Carrying 545 Oxygen Concentrators Arrives from US

COVID-19 Fifth consignment carrying 545 oxygen concentrators arrives from US

New Delhi, May 4: The fifth in a progression of transfers containing 545 oxygen concentrators came from the United States on Tuesday, as a component of COVID-19 help.

“fifth in a progression of transfers conveying clinical gear shows up from the US. This one conveying 545 oxygen concentrators. Like the help from the US,” Arindam Bagchi, Spokesperson of the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) said in a tweet. The United States Department of Defense has said that the last two trips of the COVID-19 guide scheduled for India have been postponed and will reach at any rate until Wednesday. US Transportation Command on Monday said that the deferral is because of support issues.

This comes as India enlisted a slight plunge in COVID-19 cases as it enrolled 3,68,147 new Covid contaminations and 3,417 related passings just now, educated the association wellbeing service on Monday morning.

On Sunday, a departure from America conveying 1.25 lakh vials of an enemy of viral medication Remdesivir arrived in India. On Saturday night, a departure from the US, conveying 1,000 oxygen chambers, controllers and other clinical hardware arrived in India.

A week ago, the US sent its initial two planes conveying the underlying crisis alleviation supplies including oxygen chambers, controllers, and heartbeat oximeters liberally gave by California, fast symptomatic tests, and N95 covers.

In addition, the White House had additionally reported that the US will convey clinical supplies worth more than USD 100 million in the coming days to India to give critical alleviation as the nation fights another flood of COVID-19 cases.