Gold Coast Suns players detained in Thailand

Gold Coast Suns players are in news for the wrong reasons. Four players, including deputy vice-captain Campbell Brown, were detained and handcuffed for supposedly being involved in a fight in Thailand. The clash occurred during an end-of-season trip.

First-year players Maverick Weller, Joel Wilkinson and Jacob Gillbee, along with Campbell Brown, were taken into custody by Thai police.

The club confirmed the reports, saying it would interrogate the players when they arrived back in Australia at the weekend. They were detained on the Thai island of Koh Phangan, which is famous for its Full Moon Party.

The island of Koh Phangan draws thousands of tourists each year. The players had descended on the island for the booze fest, described as a ‘schoolies on steroids’. But the party ended with the players spending time in custody after they were allegedly involved in a brawl.

As per the Gold Coast Bulletin, first-year player Weller was the victim of an unprovoked attack. It is believed that the attacker may have recognised the AFL players. The man is believed to have attacked Weller verbally and physically before Brown, Wilkinson and Gillbee jumped in to help their teammate.

There are other reports suggesting the altercation may have involved a Thai police officer dressed in plain-clothes.

The players were detained and handcuffed but later released without charge.

Last night, the club in a statement said that it did not tolerate poor behaviour.

“Preliminary investigations indicate that Thai authorities have dealt with the matter and no further action was necessary. However, the Gold Coast Suns have high expectations when it comes to player behaviour,” the statement said.

“The club will discuss the incident with the players concerned when they return from their holiday.”