Hotel to apologise over turban eviction

BRISBANE: A BRISBANE hotel that evicted a patron for wearing a turban is now attempting to locate him to apologise.
Spirit Hotels, which is a Coles subsidiary, has confirmed, one of its staff members at the Royal English Hotel at Nundah asked a man to remove his turban under their no headwear policy.
After the Sikh man refused, he was evicted.
A spokesman for Spirit Hotels said the decision to ask him to remove his turban was an oversight.
“Our hotels have a policy where patrons may be asked to remove headwear to help the venue manage security for staff and patrons,” the spokesman said.
“However, in this particular incident, the patron should not have been asked to remove his turban, and we are attempting to contact the patron to apologise.
“Hotel staff are being educated again on correct application of the policy.” (AAP)