Indian Doctors made in China

New Delhi: Admission to medical colleges in India continues to remain a pie in the sky for thousands each year due to the incredible imbalance between demand and supply. Students have been enrolling in medical colleges outside India in droves and the effort is being supported by an entire home grown industry.
Popular destinations for post-secondary medical study include the CIS countries and Russia. This pattern is similar to a prevailing trend in North America where many who aspire to join the ranks of the medical profession pursue their medical degrees in the Caribbean islands or in Latin America when they fail to obtain admission to US universities.
The floodgates to medical education in China opened in 2003 when China began to promote its medical colleges. Indian students found Chinese universities to be an attractive value proposition for two reasons. First, it was relatively easy to obtain admission. Secondly, the tuition fees were much lower than what they were in India. Indian students could and can still obtain a medical degree from China for approximately US$4500 per year.
ATDali University, which overlooks one of China’s largest fresh water lakes, all 444 students in the first semester hail from Andhra Pradesh. These students have complained, however, that they have experienced considerable difficulty in pursuing their medical education because many Chinese professors do not speak English. The communication problem is not specific to medical education. It is for this reason that Chinese universities have launched a massive recruitment campaign to induct English-speaking faculty to teach on their campuses. Recognition of these degrees by the Medical Council of India is still a major issue and may take time to achieve resolution.