Anna Hazare denies rift in his team

New Delhi: Anna Hazare on Monday denied reports of a rift in his team and said it ‘will stand united’.

“Nothing will affect our integrity, neither the negative publicity doing rounds about Team Anna nor the factors trying to create a rift in our team. Team Anna will stand united and strive hard for implementation of the Jan Lokpal bill,” Hazare said in his latest blog posting.

The activist’s remarks came in the wake of news reports of differences in Team Anna after close aide Prashant Bhushan’s controversial remarks favouring a plebiscite in Kashmir.

Hazare’s statement that the core committee will decide on the continuance of Prashant Bhushan had taken the team by surprise.

Though he is under a vow of silence, maun vrat, the activist also said in his blog that he will work with the Congress across the country if UPA government brings a strong Lokpal Bill in the winter session of parliament and keeps its words on other reforms.

Anna said he has decided to wait till the end of the winter session to embark on a ‘yatra’ in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, contrary to the earlier decision of hitting the streets against Congress in the state soon after Dusshera.