Anna’s fast enters ninth day, health deteriorates

New Delhi:The health of activist Anna Hazare who has been fasting for a stronger anti-corruption bill here continued to deteriorate as his protest entered its ninth day.

According to a health bulletin issued by the doctors treating Hazare, his blood pressure has shot up to 140/80 and pulse has increased to 82 per minute.

Hazare’s weight fell by 200 gm while the sugar level reached 106.

Ketone particles (created by the body during starvation) also have been increasing.

Increasing ketone levels can threaten the function of liver and kidney, said doctors.

“Blood samples have been taken (by doctors), anything can be said only after the report comes,” Team Anna member Manish Sisodia told reporters.

Till Tuesday, the activist had lost 5.5 kg.

The 74-year-old Hazare has refused to be administered glucose drip.

Hazare has been sustaining only on water since Aug 16, when he started his fast.

The supporters expect a breakthrough after a meeting between Team Anna and the government Tuesday evening.

“We hope the government accepts the Jan Lokpal bill,” said Ramjanak, a supporter present at the site.

An all party meeting has been called Wednesday afternoon to find a solution to the issue. According to highly placed sources, it has been decided that a final decision will be taken only after the meeting.

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh had written to Hazare Tuesday expressing concern over his health.

Hazare was arrested Aug 16 and taken to Tihar Jail. He was released the same day, but he refused to come out. On Aug 19, he shifted to Ramlila ground where he continued his fast.(IANS)