Baba Ramdev discloses his assets

Haridwar :Yoga guru Baba Ramdev Thursday claimed that different trusts under his control were totally transparent in their financial dealings and there was nothing adverse in their transactions.

Addressing the newsmen here, Ramdev’s trusted lieutenant Acharya Balkrishan said that all their accounts, including the “money coming to the trusts, their sources and the manner it was spent is regularly audited by the government agencies including the tax department”.

Balkrishan said had “there been any discrepancy in the accounts of trusts presided over by Ramdev, then the government would not have permitted their operations”.

“Our trusts are transparent and anyone can check our accounts,” Balkrishna said.

Giving details of the assets, Balkrishan said that Divya Yoga Mandir Trust that was set up in January 1995 has already spent Rs.249.63 crore and Pitanjali Yogpeeth Trust Rs.164.80 crore on various activities benefiting the people.

The statement of audited account of the Divya Yog Mandir Trust says that as of March 31, 2010, it had Rs.2,515,047,862.93 (Over Rs.251 crore) in funds.

On the pricing of medicines, Ramdev said that the ayurvedic medicines produced and marketed by them were selling at much cheaper prices compared to similar products in the market.

About another two trusts, Balkrishna said that since they were set up recently, their accounts have yet to audited and these would be made public as and when they are finalized.

He said that activities of their four trusts have directly and indirectly benefited more than 100 crore people across the world and nearly 10 crore people were directly benefited.

Balkrishna said that Ramdev’s trusts are conducting more than 200,000 free yoga classes and they intend to take it to 11 lakh.

Balkrishna said that Ramdev’s trusts have contributed generously during various natural calamities including the tsunami, the Bihar floods and in Uttrakhand. (IANS)