“Corruption can be fought only through political system”

New Delhi: Rahul Gandhi has said that the battle against corruption can be fought ‘only through the political system’. Making this point, he pitched for making organisations more democratic and involving ordinary youth, who find politics inaccessible.

“People talk of corruption. If you want to fight corruption then this can only be done through the political system, through democratic means,” Rahul Gandhi said, addressing Youth Congress activists at a meet here.

He refrained from taking any names. However, Rahul Gandhi’s statement came in the backdrop of the recent anti-graft agitations, including by Anna Hazare on Lokpal issue.

“The biggest problem is that politics is out of reach of the ordinary youth of the country,” the Congress general secretary said. “If we make our organisations democratic, it would be a major step towards fighting corruption,” Gandhi said, adding that his party was opening doors for the youth of the country to join politics.

Rahul Gandhi surprised many people when he travelled in a Metro train and later in a radio taxi to reach the venue of the rally in Rohini in northern Delhi. He was scheduled to speak to Youth Congress activists at the Japanese Park for a ‘potential candidates meet’.