Father of Bihar Girl Jyoti Kumari, who Cycled 1200 km a Year ago Carrying him, Dies

Father of Bihar girl, who cycled 1200 km a year ago carrying him,dies

Darbhanga, June 1: Images of Jyoti Kumari, the teen who had cycled, with her harmed father riding pillion, for 1,200 kilometers from Gurugram to Bihar’s Darbhanga during a year ago’s public lockdown had caught the creative mind of people in the country.

Longer than a year after that amazing accomplishment, Jyoti Kumari has lost her dad, who kicked the bucket of a heart failure here on Monday. The 14-year-old, presently popular as Bihar’s ‘Cycle Girl’ Jyoti Kumari was visiting her dad Mohan Paswan who made money as an auto cart driver in Gurgaon a year ago. After a mishap in January 2020, Paswan had been compelled to remain at home and Jyoti had shown up to help him when a public lockdown was reported and there was no open vehicle out and about.

With cash running out as the lockdown was over and again expanded, Jyoti Kumari seeing that her dad couldn’t pay the house rent and meet everyday supper costs convinced him to get back. They bought a pre-owned bike and subsequent to persuading him to ride pillion, the young lady left on the arduous cycled venture back to their town Sirhulli that falls under Singhwara square of Darbhanga area.

Information on Jyotyi’s indomitable accomplishment grabbed the eye of the Cycling Federation of India (CFI) and she was likewise was granted the Pradhan Mantri Rashtriya Bal Puraskar.

There was a flood of praise and appreciation for her from across the world, including from Ivanka Trump, previous US President Donald Trump’s girl among other netizens.