India celebrates ‘Hindi Diwas’

Hindi Day or Hindi Diwas was celebrated all over India yesterday with full enthusiasm. Each year, India celebrates Hindi Diwas on September 14 to mark the importance of this beautiful language.

Speaking at a function organized in New Delhi, the Vice President Mr. Hamid Ansari said that Hindi should be further enriched by adopting common words from other languages. He called upon the people to make united efforts for the progress of Hindi, so that unity of the country can be strengthened. He also stressed the need to ensure progress of other Indian languages, along with Hindi.

Hindi Day is mainly celebrated to commemorate a historic occasion. On 14th September, 1949, the Constitution-makers of India decided to accord Hindi the status of ‘Official Language of the Union’.

The constitution makers had envisioned that Hindi would become the sole working language of the central government by 1965 and state governments will function on their own choice. However, these days English is also used along with Hindi.

Hindi is known as a ‘link language’, as it unites the vast Indian Diaspora and also minimized the gap between South and North India.

This language has travelled a long distance to make its presence felt in the World. It is spoken in many parts of the world and is one of the main languages in Mauritius, Surinam, Trinidad and many other countries, including US, South Africa and New Zealand.

Hindi is the mother tongue of 180 million people. It is also the second language of 300 million people.

Hindi is the second most spoken language of the world.

India has been successful in making its presence felt on the world stage during the past few years. This has resulted in increased popularity and importance of Hindi language in the world. However, more active efforts to popularize Hindi language is needed. Overseas Indians and our missions abroad are extending their full support to make Hindi an International language.