Indian-origin couple invent ‘Swiss Army’ jacket

Army jacket
Indian-origin couple invent 'Swiss Army' jacket

iPad to a small blanket.

Ideal for a traveller, the project has raised $3 million by crowd-funding so far.

A seasoned traveller, 29-year-old Chicago-based Hiral Sanghavi was fed up of long flights as he was unable to carry all of his essentials.

He, along with his wife Yoganshi Shah, created “the Baubax jacket” that has a neck pillow, hood, eye mask, gloves and drink holder among many other features.

The jacket, also known as “Swiss Army jacket”, has 15 pockets and will be available for $109 from November.

The multiple compartments can store tablets, phones, earphones, chargers and a small blanket. Sunglasses are protected in a pocket that includes a micro-fibre cloth for keeping them clean.

“We wanted to offer creative lifestyle products with a variety of different designs for men and women, so we have created jackets, blazers and even bomber jackets,” Hiral, who is completing an MBA at the Kellogg School of Management in Illinois, was quoted as saying.

The detachable neck pillow can be inflated in two seconds using a built-in valve and deflated with one pat. The pillow is suitable for different sleeping positions, and is kept in the hood where the eye mask also slides out.

The jacket also flaunts a zipper that doubles up as a pen and a touch screen stylus.

Other useful touches include the drink pocket that is made with an insulated neoprene material to keep beverages hot or cold.

It also comes with a passport-sized pocket for easy access to travel documents while boarding and going through airline security.(IANS)