Indians in Oz rally in support of Anna Hazare

Melbourne: Many Indians in Australia today held rallies in Melbourne and Sydney in support of the anti-corruption campaign led by social activist Anna Hazare in India.
Shouting slogans against corruption and singing patriotic songs a group of over 70 youths assembled in Melbourne’s city to show their support for the anti-corruption campaign.
Feeling strongly about the issue of corruption, a young Indian student, Sahil Kansal said”I want to see my country free of corruption that’s why I am here.”
“Even though we are far away from our motherland, as an Indian it is our responsibility to support this movement against corruption,” Kansal said, after support Anna’get together.
The rally was also attended by several Indian students who held banners in support of Hazare.
Neeraj Nanda of Melbourne who runs an ethnic newspaper commented that the Indian youths around the world today had reached a point of frustration in regards to the corruption and now we’re showing great enthusiasm to end it.
“The issue of corruption is very important for them and I think that’s the reason why they are out on streets and supporting it,” he said.
In Sydney also there were a group of 30 Indians who got together in Paramatta suburb to hold a candlelight Vigil to show their support.
A Sydney resident Rohit Revo who attended the rally mentioned how he was moved by news of an Indian in Sweden who stood alone in front of the consulate office to show his support.
“The news of that Sweden-based Indian provoked me to come out and stand in its support, “he said.
Council of Indian Australians president Yadu Singh, another participant of the rally in Sydney, said while we can’t do much sitting in Australia, we can definitely participate in this movement, by writing to Consul Generals of India and High Commissioner of India in Australia. (PTI)