Is Independence Day just another holiday for Gen-Y?

New Delhi: For some youngsters, the Independence Day of India is genuinely about freedom – from school, college and office but for others, it is a reminder of independence from the British rule.

“It’s going to be such an awesome weekend,” said Krutika Shah, a marketing executive, who works round the clock.

Sumit Sen, 25, an amateur photographer, said: “I am going away to Neemrana with my friends. It’s such a relief that all of them have a holiday. Otherwise, everyone is always busy.”

For many, this is the first long weekend of the year. With Rakshabandhan Saturday and the 65th Independence Day a lot of people are just happy that they can whisk off to a weekend getaway.

“Of course, we do realise all the hardships that our freedom fighters went through in the process of attaining independence, but we can’t sit at home and think about it!” said Kanwal Singh, 26.

“It’s a national holiday, and like every holiday, we try to make the most of it. I believe, that is also a luxury of being in a free country,” he added.

However, there are a few like Rashee Mehra, 24, who believe the day is much more than just a holiday.

“It is an affirmation of India and Pakistan’s beliefs on self rule. It is the idea of overthrowing imperialistic and colonial rule by swadesh,” said Mehra, who teaches children living at Kusumpur Pahari Basti.

“I think Independence Day of both India and Pakistan for me is about thinking of those idols who got us freedom and seeing what we have achieved now,” she added.

For Jyotika Malhotra, a Bangalore-based business analyst freedom means “I can do what I want to, to do that where my heart lies”.

Padmanabhan Thangaraj, a 23-year-old software professional believes: “Nothing is more difficult and therefore more precious, than to be able to decide and to be free.” (IANS)