Joint Team from India Arrives in Dominica for Mehul Choksi’s Extradition

Joint team from India arrives in Dominica for Choksi's extradition

New Delhi, June 2: A group from India has shown up in Dominica, in front of a Caribbean court hearing that will settle on whether criminal diamantaire Mehul Choksi’s will be expelled to India.

Lennox Linton, Leader of the Opposition in Dominica on Wednesday only affirmed to ANI that a group of eight authorities from India had arrived in Dominica on Monday, May 31. “A few authorities from India showed up in Dominica through a business stream on Friday of a week ago and yesterday some more authorities showed up. They’ll assist with the case in the court tomorrow,” said Linton.

Sources in the examining offices showed that a group of senior authorities of the offices, and senior authorities from the Government of India are in Dominica for the conference at the Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court.

“India needs to introduce an intense body of evidence against Mehul Choksi in the Dominica Court. To create significant papers and proof in court according to the acts of the Indian organizations,” sources said.

Choksi’s Dominica-based legal counselor Wayne Marsh prior disclosed to ANI that his customer has been snatched from Antigua and taken to Dominica without wanting to.

“He (Choksi) answered to me that he was snatched at Jolly Harbor in Antigua and brought to Dominica by people whom he accepted to be Indian and Antiguan police on a vessel he portrayed to be around 60-70 feet long,” Marsh told ANI.

Choksi’s legal counselor has contended before in the Caribbean court that, “Most importantly, Choksi is qualified for a legitimate portrayal while he is in Antigua or Dominica. The truth of the matter is that he is an Antiguan resident and not an Indian resident.”

The Dominican court will hear Mehul Choksi’s case at 9 am ET (6:30 pm IST) on Wednesday, June 2.