Modi ends fast; addresses the country

Ahmedabad: When Chief Minister Narendra Modi stood up to speak after his three-day fast, it was not an address for the people of Gujarat alone. Although he lauded the state’s development, the 45-minute speech was that of a man with prime ministerial ambitions who wanted the whole country to listen to him.

“The people of the country are harassed with whatever is happening,” he said. “They feel disconnected and are suffering without an opportunity for development,” he added, showing his vision was beyond Gujarat.

“I do not take any decisions for vote banks,” he said. “My decisions are aimed at all-inclusive development. It is our country’s misfortune that for 60 years the rulers formed governments keeping in mind elections and vote banks.” According to him, the Sadhbhavana Mission is a role model for other states to follow.

“When the Sachar Committee members came to meet me, I told them my government does nothing for minorities. But, I immediately added I do nothing for the majority either. Whatever decision I take is for six crore Gujaratis.”

Modi said that the Sadbhavana Mission was launched to show everyone was involved in the development of the state. “This sadbhavna is not achieved in one day. It is achieved after 10 years of hard work. My fast may end today but the Sadbhavna Mission will continue,” he said. “Nobody might have imagined that this thought of Sadbhavna Mission will affect the entire country.”