Not a rupee more!

Chennai: Not many would take the trouble of lodging a police complaint against a shopkeeper who charges a rupee more than the maximum retail price (MRP).

But T. Sathyaraj, a second year computer science student of the Government Arts College in Karur, , is different and succeeded in his effort but after some effort.

“I have an Idea Cellular mobile phone,” Sathyaraj said. ” I went to a recharge retailer near the Karur bus stand. While the company recharge price is Rs.35, he asked me for a rupee more.”

Sathyaraj said the shopkeeper insulted him when he pointed out the MRP, after which he decided to lodge a police complaint.

Instead of paying the extra rupee, he used it to purchase a sheet of paper and wrote down a complaint to the Karur Town police station.

The police initially refused to accept the complaint. But when Sathyaraj threatened that he would go to their higher-ups, a policeman took him on his motorcycle to the shop.

It was locked by then.

“The policeman told me that he had burnt around Rs.5 worth of fuel carrying me,” Sathyaraj said. “We went back to the station and the officials asked me to come the next day after receiving my complaint.”

The shopkeeper and members of mobile phone recharge retailer’s association came to the police station.

“The parties to the dispute arrived at a compromise and the matter is now closed,” an official in the Karur police station said.

“The police have warned the retailers not to charge more than the MRP,” a pleased Sathyaraj said. “I have also lodged a complaint with Idea Cellular.” (IANS)