PM regrets India’s low filing of patents

Kolkata: Regretting India’s low filing of patents against several developing countries, Prime Minister of Manmohan Singh Sunday said original thoughts and innovation needs to be encouraged and innovators should be amply rewarded.

The prime minister also called for enhancing the safety standards of the country’s nuclear installations, saying there can be no compromise on the issue.

“It is a sad comment that the number of patents filed by the Indians is still very low as compared to the developed world and also compared to some developing countries,” he said while addressing the closing session of the diamond jubilee session at the Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics.

“We must encourage original thoughts and innovations and should ensure that innovators are amply rewarded this will lead to a virtuous cycle of innovations and reward,” he said.

Manmohan Singh also pointed out that nuclear energy will play a vital role in the developmental process of the country.

“Nuclear energy will play an important role in our quest for a green and environment friendly energy mix and indigenous locomotive to fuel our development process. We are in the process of expanding our civil nuclear energy programme,” he said.

“Even as we do so, we have to ensure the use of nuclear energy in India with the highest safety standards. On this issue there can be no compromise… I will call upon Saha Institute and other similar institutes of the country to contribute in enhancing the safety of our nuclear installations,” the prime minister said. (IANS)