We will not move till Lokpal bill is passed

Civil society activist Anna Hazare said Friday that he would not leave the Ramlila ground till the demand for a stronger anti-corruption Lokpal bill was met.

“We will not leave this place till the (stronger) Lokpal bill is passed,” Hazare told crowds soon after reaching Ramlila ground in central Delhi where he will continue his fast.

Calling upon the youth to be the flag bearers of change, Hazare said they should carry forward the torch of revolution even if he were not there.

“The power of youth is the power of the nation, whether or not Anna Hazare is there or not. This torch of revolution should always remain lit,” he said.

The activist reached the Ramlila ground around 2 p.m., after visiting Mahatma Gandhi’s memorial at Rajghat and India Gate.

The Gandhian started his fast Tuesday, when he was arrested and sent to Tihar Jail. He was later released but continued to be in jail, insisting that he would not leave till he was allowed to fast without any fetters. (IANS)