Will Anna end fast today?

The Lok Sabha is likely to debate all four versions of Lokpal Bill – government’s Lokpal Bill, the Bill prepared by Aruna Roy and Andhra Pradesh’s Jayaprakash Narayan, besides Team Anna’s Jan Lokpal Bill today.
Rajya Sabha is likely to debate the all versions of Lokpal Bill on Saturday.
The matter is likely to be brought before Lok Sabha in the form of a resolution and there will be no voting at the end of the debate.
In all likelihood, the resolution will be sent to the parliamentary standing committee.
The government was hoping that the 74-year-old Gandhian would end his fast once it made an announcement. However, Congress wants written assurance from Anna Hazare that he will end his fast as soon as the Parliament starts discussion on all four version of Lokpal Bill, including the three points demanded by the Team Anna.
With the government assuring to debate a resolution in Parliament on the Jan Lokpal Bill on Friday, Team Anna has expressed the hope it was”clear enough”to enable the social activist to end his fast.
Anna Hazare has made three demands to the Prime Minister:,
1. Citizen’s charter,
2. Lokayuktas in all states with Lokpal powers,
3. Inclusion of lowest to highest bureaucracy
The government and Team Anna differ on issues relating to bringing the lower bureaucracy under the purview of the Lokpal, appointing Lokayuktas in each state to be under the Lokpal and formulate a citizen’s charter for government offices.
Hazare reacted to the appeal from Parliament that he end his fast after Prime Minister Manmohan Singh made an offer to the civil society that the Jan Lokpal bill will be discussed by Parliament. Read: Anna will end fast if three issues are resolved.
Anna said he has sent this message through Union minister Vilasrao Deshmukh when he came to meet him at the fast site and appealed to him to end his hunger strike.
“We hope it (the resolution) is clear enough to enable Anna ji to end his fast,”Anna Hazare’s associate Prashant Bhushan said.
Despite the government having agreed to debate three versions of the anti-graft Lokpal bill in Parliament, Anna Hazare’s key associate Kiran Bedi announced Thursday evening that the social activist will not end his fast till the three key issues flagged by his group are resolved.
“Anna, as I heard, will end his fast only if resolutions on the three issues are passed by parliament,”Bedi tweeted on the microblogging website Twitter.com
The government had announced that Parliament will debate three versions of the anti-graft bill Friday, including Hazare’s Jan Lokpal bill, and the suggestions from the debate will be sent to the parliamentary standing committee that is considering an official bill.