Youngsters across India crazy for brands

When it comes to branded apparel, youngsters across India do not think twice before buying them. Most of them spend extravagantly — between Rs.2,500 to Rs.5,000 — on high-end clothes every month, a survey .

The study was conducted by the Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India (Assocham) after interacting with 2,000 youngsters in the age group of 13-21 years, between March and June in 10 cities.

“Fashion conscious teens, be it girls or boys are becoming more concerned about their appearance and are taking what they wear more seriously than ever before,” said D.S. Rawat, ASSOCHAM’s general secretary.

Among the total respondents, 35 percent claimed an average expenditure of Rs.5,000 a month.

About 40 percent of the youngsters said they spend up to Rs.4,000 a month on buying branded clothes.

About 400 respondents said they spend around Rs.3,500 to Rs.4,000 every month on clothes. The remaining said they spend over Rs.2,500 each month to buy new clothes to stay ahead among their peers.

Most of the youngsters look up to their favourite cine stars, sportsmen and ramp models for the latest fashion trends and pay more attention to brands than the price, the survey indicated.

“Today’s teens exhibit a strong desire for individuality in their self-expression and end up spending a major chunk of their allowance on clothes,” Rawat added.

The study said that Nike is the most sought after sportswear brand among the youth and Adidas ranked second in the sportswear brand category, while some preferred Reebok, Puma, Woodland and Fila.

Levi’s was the most preferred brand in casual wear, followed by Lee, Wrangler, Flying Machine, Pepe Jeans London, Diesel, Spykar, K-Lounge and Numero Uno jeans wear.

Almost 60 percent of the youths said they have cluttered closets full of clothes they seldom or never wear which make getting dressed up stressful and time consuming. (IANS)