Indians prefer partner who votes

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You’re not just a good citizen if you cast your vote, but also a preferred candidate for a marriage alliance, it has emerged in a survey about the importance of politics in a search for a partner.

Online matrimony website conducted the poll, which drew responses from over 9,600 urban youth in the age group of 18-35 across India.

As many as 88.6 percent respondents said they wouldn’t prefer a partner who doesn’t vote. When Indian women were asked if they would marry someone who doesn’t cast his vote, 48.3 percent of them said that they wouldn’t prefer a partner who doesn’t exercise his voting rights.

When Indian men were asked if they were okay with their partners following different political ideologies, 40.3 percent of them said that they would prefer a partner who shares the same political beliefs whereas 32.5 percent said they are fine with a partner who follows different political beliefs.

On the other hand, 42.7 percent of the Indian women surveyed online said that it didn’t really matter if a partner did not share the same political beliefs.

The survey indicates that today’s youth are aware of their rights and want a partner who is aware of the social and political conditions that affect them, Gourav Rakshit, CEO,, said.

As far as a career in politics is concerned, 43.2 percent men said they wouldn’t mind a partner who was into politics, while 52.2 percent women don’t want a partner from a political background.

Also, people are on the lookout for a partner who is politically aware.

For 82.1 percent respondents, this factor holds importance – 51.4 percent Indian men said that they prefer someone who is well informed about politics.