“Labor leadership ballot changes nothing”

According to Opposition leader Tony Abbott, nothing will change after Australian Labor Party’s leadership ballot. He claims it is time for an election.

“The problem with this ballot today is that nothing much will change: there will still be a poisonously divided government, we’ll still have the carbon tax, the boats will keep coming, the faceless men will still be in charge.”

“We need an election not because I like elections but because the people, and not the faceless men, should be choosing the Prime Minister,” the Opposition leader said on Channel 7.

Tony Abbott said he had spoken with the independents backing Julia Gillard to give Labor a minority government.

“In the end, the message to them is: you got us into this mess and you get us out of it,” he said.
“The one message that is coming loud and clear from the public is not so much Kevin or Julia, it is give us the power, let us make this choice.”