Mann Travel lucky winner is Anita Jordan Sunil

All it took was buying a ticket to India and filling up an extra form for Anita Jordan Sunil, who has just become the proud owner of a Honda Jazz car. The lottery, which is part of Mann Travel’s promotional efforts, was drawn on August 27 at the East Bentleigh Honda showroom.

Sunil, who is an assistant nurse with Monash hospital, said, “I am very excited and happy. I still can’t believe it. This is the first time I have won anything. When I bought the ticket I didn’t know anything about the promotions. I filled up the form, submitted and forgot all about it. When I got a call I couldn’t believe it, I thought it was a scam.”

Sunil, who has family in India, says she goes to India every year and has been a loyal customer of Mann Travels.

Presenting the award, Mukesh Mann, proprietor of Mann Travels said, “Our travel agency always try to give something back to our consumers because of their loyalty. This way we are ensuring that there is an ongoing relationship between the customer and the business.”

Mann Travels runs promotions every month and this was one of its biggest events. “It was a surprise for the customer. Most of them also did not believe that it was going to be a real car to be given away to somebody,” said Mukesh.

“I think the scheme we have is really good. Most of the time people buy a lottery ticket where millions of people are participating but here the number is in the range of 12,000-15,000 and half of them are in the draw because most people don’t fill up the forms. So the chances of winning are pretty high for anyone.”

For those who missed out, Mann Travel has a promotion every month. “I request each and every customer to participate in the promotion done by our company; it doesn’t cost anything except filling up your details. It is hundred per cent genuine. Chances are you can win a surprise yourself. Life is full of surprises,” said Mukesh.