Melbourne Indian community unites for Prayers for India!

MELBOURNE, April 28: News coming from India has been saddening in recent days, it certainly has made every Indian Australian anxious and stressed about their loved ones back home. Most Indian Australians have been impacted due to the rampaging second wave of the pandemic, our heartbreaks seeing the devastation it has brought to our loved ones. To spread positivity and show solidarity with the people of India, a Candlelight Vigil – “Pray for India” was conducted on Wednesday 28th April in Federation Square Melbourne. The LED candlelight vigil was attended by Mr. Brad Rowswell MP Shadow Minister, Indian Consul General Melbourne Mr. Raj Kumar, Deputy Chairperson of the Victorian Multicultural Commission Mr. Bwe Thay along with community leaders.

In the true spirit of India, multi-faith prayers were conducted for the recovery and wellbeing of the people of India. Prayers were conducted by Archdiocese of Melbourne Father Jossy Kizhakkethalackal, Emmanuel Christian Assembly Pastor Jacob Simon, Hindu Priest Rajesh Tiwari, Jasbir Singh Suropada from Sikh Interfaith Council of Victoria, and Muslim Priest Mustafa from the Dawoodi Bora community. Over 100 people gathered and shared their stories about families and friends back home. Prayers were concluded with 2 minutes of silence followed by chants in support of India.

As a community we need to come together and stand united leaving the differences aside without political blame games, we need to stop any negativity and fighting in social media. It is time to show our solidarity and spread positivity with the people of India and pray for them to come out of this Covid menace soon. So many have lost a parent or family member and is unable to travel to say their final goodbyes and perform the funeral rituals, it is the most emotional and vulnerable time for them, any negative message in social media may hurt them irrevocably, we should understand the impact it will have on their mental health. Spreading hatred for one another in social media is not going to make any life better, we will only become poorer as a human by those wrong actions, let us come together and actively spread positivity and help each other, let us send our love and prayers for the people of India.

By GDI Reporter