New COVID-19 safety campaign for Multicultural construction workers

The CFMEU Victoria and Master Builders Victoria have joined other union and employer groups for a collaborative new campaign focused on workplace safety in the building, construction and development industry in response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The campaign is focused on educating Victorian construction workers, construction business owners and their families on how to manage an ongoing safe return to work after large scale building and construction sites returned to 85% working capacity on 28 September 2020.

The key aim of the campaign is to ensure workers of all backgrounds can easily access the important information on COVID-19 safety and be educated on key rules including.

  • Get tested early and stay at home if you are feeling sick
  • Wear your mask at work and travelling to and from work
  • Don’t share tools or lunch
  • Use hand sanitiser when entering the site and after meals
  • Stay 1.5 metres apart from workmates

To ensure maximum impact, the messages have been translated into 15 languages and distributed to multicultural community groups.

John Setka, CFMEU spokesperson said: “Construction workers from multicultural backgrounds have been a critical part of the industry from Europeans after the Second World War to the Asian, African and Pacific Islander workers of the modern era.”

Setka, a proud member of the Croatian-Australian community added: “We’ve done a great job to date and now is the time to follow the rules. This campaign speaks to all ethnic groups, reminding us all of the importance of following the rules and safety measures put in place to ensure our safety, our families and the community.”

The group of unions and employer associations have worked with leading micro-community specialist Cultural Pulse to develop the messages and they will also amplify the communications through various multicultural community and digital channels to culturally contextualise and convey the importance of operating in a COVID safe manner.

Rebecca Casson, CEO of Master Builders Victoria is proud of the response of the building and construction industry to the pandemic: “This is a fresh campaign aimed to overcome any fatigue in our community and will be dynamic in its messaging over the next few months to ensure worksites remain vigilant, safe, and open to lead Victoria’s economic recovery.”

Posters, social media tiles and messages can be downloaded here:

The site contains messaging in the following languages: English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Punjabi, Arabic, Hindi, Dari, Pashto, Vietnamese, Nepalese, Korean, Indonesian, Croatian, Greek, Sinhalese and Farsi.

List of organisations involved in the campaign:  CFMEU Victoria, Master Builders Victoria, Incolink, National Electrical and Communications Association, Electrical Trades Union, Master Plumbers,  Plumbing and Pipe Trades Employees Union, Property Council of Australia, Urban Development Institute of Australia,  AMWU, Civil Contractors Federation, AWU, Australian Institute of Building, AMCA, Australian Constructors Association, prefabAUS and National Fire Industry Association.