PERTH, WA – A Big Boost for Regional Australia

The Minister for Immigration and Citizenship, Chris Bowen MP, recently announced new measures to assist Perth businesses attract the workers they need and alleviate skills shortages in the resources sector. The announcement to include Perth city as Regional Area has come as a Big Boost for the Western Australian economy as it could be the best happening thing in coming months.
The Boom in the Mining sector and the skills shortages in various other fields especially in Western Australia has led to this big decision by the Minister who was addressing the Migration Conference of the Australian Minerals and Metals Association (AMMA), and said a record $380 billion in mining investment – nearly four times the average level for the past 30 years – was projected to lead to a shortage of 36,000 trades people by 2015.
“The simple fact is that there will not be enough Australian workers to get the job done,” Mr. Bowen said. “Skills shortages are not limited to mining projects, with opportunities for Australians in the resources sector leading to local skills shortages in other parts of Western Australia, particularly in Perth. The decision announced is going to Increase Regional skilled migration to Perth as it will now be considered a regional city and will be able to benefit from inclusion in the Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme, which popularly called RSMS 857.
“This will provide employers with another, easier avenue and process to recruit the skilled workers they need from overseas and give skilled temporary visa holders in Perth a more streamlined pathway to permanent migration.” The Government has allotted 16000 places for the beginning but are looking at increasing the numbers as per the requirements .The Government’s skilled migration programs are already significantly benefiting Western Australian business, with new statistics out today showing the number of temporary skilled 457 visa holders going to this state has more than doubled over the last year.
“WA receives almost 20 per cent of all 457 visa holders – or 9000 primary visa holders – despite only having 10 per cent of the Australian population,” Mr. Bowen said.
The simple fact is that any student who has finished the studies in the relevant area and who has right skills and qualifications would be eligible for RSMS 857 provided he is sponsored by the employer from any regional area of Australia and considering a move to Perth would be a very good idea in terms of jobs and opportunities. As a Registered Migration Advisor I would suggest the prospective applicants especially International Students to keep track of regulation changes and what would happen next in the coming months in order to keep their options open and it would be advisable to consult a Registered Migration Advisor.
By Rahul Singh– Director/ Registered Migration Agent, CECA