Rajasthan cop ‘bribery’ viral video embarrasses police

Jaipur: Rajasthan Police has asked all its personnel to maintain their uniform’s dignity after after a pre-wedding video shoot showing a police officer on duty being ‘bribed’ by his bride-to-be went viral on Youtube, leaving senior officers embarrassed.

The video, which has Bollywood songs playing in the background, shows police officer Dhanpat stopping and penalising Kiran (now his wife) for riding a two-wheeler without wearing a helmet. She is then seen putting money in his uniform pocket and riding away.

Later, Dhanpat realises his wallet has been taken by Kiran. He goes on to track her but the two fall in love and eventually marry.

As this video is drawing many eyeballs, Inspector General of Police, Law and Order, Hawa Singh Ghomariya, has issued advisory to all Inspectors Generals of Police, asking them to ensure all personnel maintain their dignity and follow the code of conduct.

“We have issued advisory for all officers to stop misusing police uniform,” Ghomariya told IANS.

“Dignity of police uniform should be maintained and due code of conduct should be followed,” says the advisory, adding that the uniform should not be used for wedding video shoots and other such purposes.