Sydney Australia’s fastest growing property market

Sydney became Australia’s strongest property market with the median dwelling price
reaching 723,000 Australian dollars at the end of January, representing an annual growth of
13 percent, revealed a survey.

The CoreLogic RP Data report said the median price for homes in Melbourne rose seven
percent to 561,000 Australian dollars, with houses up 7.5 percent and units up 2.7 percent.
The prices in Brisbane moved up 4.6 percent to 458,000 Australian dollars ($357,340), with
house values rising 5.1 percent and unit values rising 0.3 percent.

The median price for an Adelaide property rose 3.1 percent and Hobart’s home values were
up 3.8 percent.

Besides, the prices in Perth climbed 2.6 percent and Darwin reported a 1.4 percent increase,
while home prices in Canberra fell 0.3 percent, said the survey.

Since the 2009 global financial crisis, property markets in Sydney and Melbourne have
experienced great gains with median price gains of 57 percent and 50 percent respectively.

They have been followed by Darwin on 24 percent, Canberra on 18 percent, Perth on 17
percent, Adelaide on 10 percent and Brisbane on nine percent. (AGENCIES)