Skilled Migrant Selection Model – The only Pathway

The Australian Government has decided on major reform in the selection process of Migrants who are willing to migrate to Australia and this regulatory change would come into Effect from 1st of July 2012.
The Model which is called “Skilled Migrant Selection Model” will be very similar to the one existing in New Zealand. The model will be based on a two stage process. Initially the Applicants have to submit the claim in the form of Expression of Interest (EOI) which could be made only online and which remains in the Database of DIAC for two years, in the first stage. The second stage will be Invitation to Apply where in the Applicant if found suitable based on his or her skills, Qualification etc would be sent an Invitation to Apply for the most suitable and most Eligible GSM Visa and that the Applicant has to apply for the particular visa within the Two months After receiving the Invitation. As a Registered Migration Agent in Australia I personally feel that the whole Idea behind this Selection Process is to streamline the Migration Intake and to reduce the processing Time. This programme is determined by the economic needs of Australia.
The Visa subclasses affected by the Programme would be 175/885, 176/886, 475/487. All the prospective Migrants have to submit the EOI for the claims in one of the above mentioned categories in order to get the Invitation to Apply. The other most important thing to remember is that this model is not applicable to Employer sponsored visas like 457,857 or 856 which is a good thing to happen especially to the International students who have an option of applying in one of the Employer sponsored visa categories.
The Applicants who have already applied for the GSM Visa before July 2012 would not be affected by the new regulations and would be under the transitional Arrangement. The First round of Invitation is expected to be out in the month of January 2013. It is proposed that the Applicants with best skills and qualifications with more points will stand a good chance of qualifying and priority would be given to them. It is also proposed to keep occupation ceiling which is Limitation under each occupation category for all the Applicants both onshore and offshore.
What happens if you are not selected in the pool and you are not sent the Invitation to Apply?
Applicants can’t apply for Merits /Migration Review Tribunal (MRT) if they are not being selected and literally means they have very slim chances to apply for any kind of GSM visa. As a Registered Migration Agent I would suggest all the Prospective Migrants to get Proper guidance and consult a Professional Migration Expert who can Assess and analyse their situation in a better way.
(Rahul singh- Director/Registered Migration Advisor-CECA)
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