Some Immigration related information for prospective Migrants and Students

Australian Immigration has gone through some major changes in the last year or so. The current Australian government has made it tough for Skilled Migration with a shorter Skilled Occupation List, and it will get a lot more difficult to meet the criteria with the new Points Test that may be introduced from 1st July 2011. This new points test will virtually halt Skilled Migration and may help the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) clear up the current backlog. But this will come at a cost. I don’t think the strict new points test can last for too long as it will create a skills vacuum that will hurt a lot of employers and industries.
Small and medium size employers are already finding it difficult to find employees as tens of thousands of students left last year when education and immigration was decoupled. With the new points test, large employers will also get affected as skilled migration further slows down. Last year, when student numbers were drastically going down and Australian Universities were having financial trouble, the Department of Immigration decided to lower the Assessment Level for Bachelors and Masters Courses for countries like India and China, from where a majority of the students come. Both India and China are now Assessment Level 3 countries for Bachelors and Masters Courses, which makes it easier for them to show funds and sponsors for the Student Visa.
On 2nd April 2011, a new Fraud Public Interest Criterion (PIC) has been applied to Skilled and Employer Sponsored visas. It is strongly advisable that applicant’s refrain from using any type of fraudulent documents or information during the visa application process, as this may result in a refusal of the application as well as a three-year bar from further applications. The Skills Occupation List will also be updated from time to time depending on Australia’s Skills needs. Prospective migrants and students cannot be sure if the occupation that is now on the list will still be there in a few years time, when they gain their experience in that particular occupation, or graduate in that particular course. But to plan for their future migration, they’ll nevertheless have to take a calculated risk and choose a course or work in the field that is currently in the Skilled Occupation List, and hope that occupation will still be there in a few years.
When choosing a course, students should first look into their area of interest, their own educational background and their IELTS Score. Australian education is world-class, especially in the Bachelors and Masters level. Therefore, the knowledge they learn in these courses can be of use globally and create a career path for them. Currently, the Student Visa process is under review by the Department of Immigration and Citizenship. Similarly the Employer Sponsored and Regional Sponsored visas are also under review. New laws and policies for both the student visa and Employer Sponsored visas will be announced in the future.
Finally, it is important for all prospective migrants and students to get accurate advice when making a decision on their immigration and student visas. It is also important to get a good experienced Migration Consultant and discuss everything in detail with them. When things are planned early, it is more likely to succeed when the migration laws are constantly changing and becoming stricter. By Syed Kabir