The Ever green Indian property market

Last few decades have been the history of a remarkable journey in emergence of a new super economy in the world. At present, India is one of the largest growing economy is the world even ahead China. With all the advancement in Indian capital market and also foreign direct investments, there has been a rapid and steady growth in commercial activities, which in turn has triggered the demand for all the resources for expansion. And obviously the first one has being land.
The property market has seen a 360 degrees turn since the 90s. Purchasing a house to the common man before 1994 was undreamable. The tax structure and the cost of property were exorbitant. People preferred to live in rented homes than purchase a house. But the property market began to float from its drowning position after 1995. This was due to the increase in incomes that allowed people to go ahead and purchase a home. To trigger it further cheap home loans were made available.
Being ranked as the one of the top three fastest growing areas of the Indian economy, the Indian property market sees new heights almost every day. This boom in the real estate market has started is majorly due to the growth in demand for both commercial and residential properties; which was mainly because of the nature of the Indian property market. It is almost wholly controlled by the end customers. Many reputed builders, Groups and others invested in providing the best in class properties with every amenity that the human mind would desire.
Another reason for this tremendous growth is the change in real estate policy and the interest rate reductions which were brought about by the NDA government in the year 2001. When the government cut down the interest rates to a then phenomenal figure of 7.5%, the market literally went into overdrive. Demand saw an increase and so did supply. Many people thought of buying homes for themselves as well as an investment option. Housing redevelopment schemes which were initiated by many builders was seen leading the sudden surge in the Indian Property Market.
Today, even the government invests in creating better real estate. Every so often the government announces new properties for sale through housing boards. And this adds to the investment prospects of the Indian property market.
The numbers of options for investing in the Indian property market are virtually countless today. Everywhere in the country, be it metros, two tier cities or three tier cities, real estate is one sector that’s booming everywhere. As per current estimates, the Indian property market will grow at a steady speed of thirty percent per annum. This growth will be more due to the residential properties as compared to commercial estates. The Indian property market today boasts of a very wide range of products and has something for every income group and every utility, irrespective of whether it is commercial or residential.
Speaking of metros and satellite townships, though high end properties like NCR in Delhi, Unitech’s ‘Nirvana country’, Indian bulls ‘enigma’ Hirco’s Panvel in Maharashtra have dominated the scene, it is only fair to give some attention to the development happening within the cities. So has Greater Noida in Delhi Jaypee’s Sports city, with F1 race track, is an infrastructural marvel as is Bangalore’s Palace Gardens Hirco.

Properties with leading builders are recognized for high end construction quality and world class facilities like, heated Swimming pool, health club, meditation huts, Jogging tracks, sports club, café, restaurants, event centers, etc. All in all, investing in the Indian property market is one of the safest bets today. Even when the economic recession had struck the entire world and almost shattered the real estate markets in many developed nations the Indian market was still going strong.
In this age of property investment in India, “INDIA EVENTS”, is presenting largest property show in Sydney, to offer the opportunity to grow with growing Indian Real Estate. With the presence of all the major builders and developers like, Indian Bulls, JAPEE, IREO, HIRCO (Hiranandani), Unitech and many more, would be a seamless opportunity to find a suitable investment for everyone with more than 100 projects in PAN India to offer. This show is coming with complete solution to invest in property market under one roof, from excellent projects, banking requirements, home loans to property management options.
Strong dollar value against Indian rupee, equity funds and self-managed super funds has encouraged many NRI’s and Indian origin’s to look for investment options in India specifically in property. This show will provide the gate way to step into risk free Indian property market without hassles of lengthy and complex procedures.
The Indian Property Show is hosted in Sydney – 20th and 21st August 2011; Venue – Southee Complex, Sydney Showground, Sydney Olympic Park; Time – 11am to 7pm.
And in Melbourne – 12th and 13th August 2011; Venue – Novotel, Glen Waverley; Time – 11am to 7pm.