Tinder will have to share user data with Russia

Moscow: The Tinder dating app, where people looking for dates swipe left or right on profiles of other users to reject or accept them, is now required to share its user data with Russian authorities on request, according to Russias Roskomsvoboda internet rights group.

Tinder was added on May 31 to the list of services that have to comply with the Russian data requests. The data Tinder must collect and provide to Russia, upon request, user data and all communications, including audio and video.

Russia adopted a flurry of legislation in recent years tightening control over online activity.

In May, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a bill designed to help the government create its own national Internet — not entirely unlike China’s — for the alleged purpose of countering international cyber warfare.

Russian authorities will gain new powers to block content in November when legislation that seeks to expand Russia’s sovereignty over its segment of the web comes into force.

A total of 175 online services are on the list requiring them to hand over user data to Russian authorities. Most are small websites in Russian regions.

Russian authorities last year issued an order to ban messaging app Telegram after it refused to hand over user data.