University of Melbourne launches new India strategy

Melbourne: The University of Melbourne, the number one ranked university in Australia and among the top 40 universities in the world, launched its five-year India strategy today ‘Engaging with India 2020-2024’ – highlighting collaboration in health, water, law, cultural arts and postgraduate teaching and learning.

The University’s strategy reinforces long-term commitments to strong Indian partnerships, joint research and collaborative teaching and learning models that address global key challenges and deliver mutual benefit for Australian and Indian societies. The strategy also aims to lift the capacity, quality and impact of research, which supports India’s stated goals in its draft New Education Policy, a press release stated.

It is envisaged that the strategy will strengthen collaborations of mutual interest; expand the quality and impact of research; develop graduates with the capabilities and experience to engage meaningfully with Indian counterparts across academia, government, business and civil society; and create opportunities for Indian partners to share their expertise in Australia.

The strategy will focus on five pillars: (1) Healthy; (2) Sustainable; (3) Innovative and technologically sophisticated; (4) Equal, inclusive and well governed; and (5) Share an appreciation and understanding of one another’s place in the world. These five pillars will be the focus for funding and high-level engagement between the two countries and will build upon existing relationships and projects, as well as new initiatives in arts, social sciences, and humanities.