When Lisa Singh came calling

gday india

Lisa Singh, Shadow Parliamentary Secretary for Environment, Climate change and Water, was a special guest of Melbourne Consul General of India Manika Jain at the 68th Independence Day Celebrations here. “As a woman of Indian origin I always look forward to celebrating Indian Independence day as it marks a pivotal moment in the history of India, and to reflect how far she has come,” said Singh.

The Labor senator who attended the event held at the Indian Consulate in St Kilda Rd said, “The bond between Australia and India has gone from strength to strength in recent years. A key moment in our ever-improving relationship was when the former Prime Minister Julia Gillard visited India in 2009. Another turning point will occur this November when the newly elected Prime Minster of India, Narendra Modi, will visit Australia as part of the G20 Summit.”

Singh was born in Hobart in 1972. She went to school at St Mary’s College and Elizabeth College and graduated from University of Tasmania with Bachelor of Arts (Honours) degree and a Master of International Relations from Macquarie University.

She was elected as a Tasmanian Labor Senator in August 2010 and began her term on 1 July 2011, following in the political footsteps of her grandfather Ram Jati Singh, who was a member of the Fijian Parliament in the 1960s. She is regarded as the first person of South Asian descent to be elected to the Australian Parliament.

During her visit, Singh also visited the home of Deepak Vinayak JP who organised a community gathering in home in Craigieburn.