Kat Molnar has been ‘dancing forever’. Molnar would spend hours watching videos of Michael Jackson and others and before she realised she was in love with hip hop.“I was learning by myself until I was 11and then my mother said ‘OK we are going to find you a hip hop school’.” That is when Molnar started travelling back and forth to America learning and eventually teaching others back in Melbourne. In 2012, her dance group Superhoodz made a mark in Australia’s Got Talent. This year they were a part of Bollywood blockbuster ABCD2. Molnar’s dance today exemplifies her long journey into the substance of dancing and hip hop.
Fresh from the super success of ABCD2, a 3D dance film directed by Remo D’Souza and produced by Siddharth Roy Kapur and Walt Disney Pictures.Molnar describes her unfathomable love for India as a result of the whole experience. The movie crossed the Rs 100 crore-mark in worldwide box office collection in its third week and reviews rave about how people loved the film for its 3D effects and amazing dance performances. But how the project fell onMolnar’s lap is surreal.
Molnar’s Superhoodz team was performing in America when at 3 am one day she received a random email from the producers of ABCD2 saying they saw them on YouTube and wanted them to come to Mumbai and be a part of their movie. “We thought it was joke. We were like what is this movie? So I googled ABCD2 and found there has been a first one; it should be alright. I emailed back and they wanted us to come in two weeks. We thought two weeks – that is a bit crazy. We have to figure out work visa etc., and obviously that takes a little bit longer than two weeks. We ended up going six weeks later.”
None of them had been to India before and they didn’t know what to expect. Molar and her team had a sense of the project but didn’t know how big an industry Bollywood was. “We knew they were very professional when they were emailing us about the movie saying they were going to pay for our flights, accommodation etc. We also knew that the American actor Lauren Gottlieb was in it too.But we didn’t know how big the film industry was,” says Molnar.
And so this February Superhoodz were in Mumbai for 11 days to film the movie. The team’s experience had all the elements of a Bollywood potboiler. Molnar recalls how a fire broke out on the sets at Film City, Goregaon, when they were shooting for the film. Apparently a song sequence was being shot when one of the lights burst into flames.“It was so scary but it was incredible to watch everyone work together and get the fire out.”
Molnar has carried a lot of memories from Mumbai. “Everyone was lovely. Indians are the loveliest people. We absolutely loved our experience.”
Hip hop is a difficult area to traverse in dance but Molnar and her team Superhoodz have just shown that there are also no geographical boundaries to dance, music or the arts.