Woman seeks hypnotherapy to ward off Diet Coke addiction

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LONDON: A UK woman who drinks up to 50 cans of Diet Coke and spends 150 pounds a day on the drink is now planning to seek hypnotherapy to help her get rid of her addiction.

Mother-of-five Jakki Ballan, from Ellesmere Port, Cheshire, has been on the fizzy drink for nearly 30 years. She said that the beverage has taken over her life and it’s as important as paying the electricity bills to her. The 42-year-old former dry cleaner got addicted to Diet Coke after doctors advised her to leave ordinary Coke in order to lose weight when she was 14. Dr Sarah Schenker of the British Dietetic Association said that Jakki should try cognitive behavioural therapy which is often used to treat eating disorders.

She is now seeking medical treatment, including hypnotherapy, to conquer her demons after suffering hallucinations as a result of consuming so much. Ballan said, “This addiction is taking over my life. I can’t even go out of the house without making sure I’ve got enough Coke on me. I won’t do the school run unless I have at least two 500ml bottles in my handbag.”

Jakki suffers from constant headaches and said of her occasional hallucinations, “ItwasreallyscaryasatfirstIdidn’tknowwhatwasgoingon. I could see things that weren’t there and then I would have to sit down and calm myself before carrying on.”

“I am tired, but all the caffeine I consume means I have trouble sleeping. So I end up sitting awake at night and drinking even more Coke,” she said.