Woman’s remains found in house eight years after her death

SYDNEY : The skeletal remains of an elderly Australian woman were found in her Sydney house, where she lay dead for eight years, before a worried relative sought police help to find the lady.
Police said the woman was dead for up to eight years but the neighbours and relatives had been oblivious of the fact.
In fact, neighbours assumed the house was long deserted.
No one bothered to call the police, not her relatives, neighbours or even civic and government authorities who kept on paying her welfare benefits into a bank account that remained untouched.
It was finally her sister-in-law who called the police to tell them that she had not heard from her relative, who would have turned 87 next month, since 2003.
“Upon entering an upstairs bedroom at the Surrey hill home, police stumbled upon skeletal remains on the floor,”the police said.
The power supply to the home had been cut off years earlier and the mail did not stack up on the front door as her post was redirected since 2003 to another address.
Even government agencies neglected her with the state welfare continuing to send her pension cheques that were never cashed. The local council also failed to notice that she was unduly late on her taxes.
A sad city police official said,”this should serve as a reminder to keep a neighbourly eye on people living in their areas, after neighbours said they had assumed that the woman whose name was not disclosed by the police had moved away”.(PTI)