6,000 Chinese got immigration visas in 2010

Beijing: More than 6,000 Chinese people received immigration visas from the US, Canada and Australia in 2010, the Beijing News reported.

The number of Chinese who emigrate and receive visas from other countries – if they can show they possess a specified amount of investment funds – has been increasing in recent years.

A survey showed that 27 percent of those who hold assets of more than 100 million yuan (over $15 million) have already migrated, the newspaper said.

People aged 35 to 45 are the main migrant force. They chose the US, Canada and Australia as their preferred destinations because of the education systems, the survey showed.

“I hope my children can go to the best school and with the immigration visa, a large part of tuition fee can be exempted,” a man identified only as Su was quoted as saying.

An investment of 1.46 million yuan can get a person immigration status in Canada, according to the daily. (IANS)